Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago” – Warren Buffet

Financial Planning:

The expert team at Apio Wealth is passionate about risk management. It is not an add-on or an afterthought: this is the heart of what we do. Few in the industry understand risk better; even fewer have our decades of experience. We believe that every individual is their own biggest asset. Their ability to earn, invest, and grow wealth over time must be assured. So, we offer our clients life, disability, and incapacity benefits as part of an integrated Cash Flow Model. We do the same for our key corporate clients, assisting them with best-of-breed employee benefit solutions. No one is better placed to give people access to the money they need when they need it most.

Retirement Planning

We believe that retirement is your greatest and most certain risk. Retirement Planning doesn’t end at age 65, it ends at death to allow for legacy planning. Our Cash-Flow Modelling allows our clients to have a vision for what their retirement will look like and identifies shortfalls in the overall plan. Our Model takes into consideration all income generating assets (Investments, Rental Properties, Business Interests, Collectables) and matches these to a liability, being the income one needs to generate from these assets during one’s retirement years. We give our clients an indication as to what their income will be at retirement post tax and post inflation together with how long this income will last.

Estate Planning

Helping you understand the costs and liquidity needs around your estate in the event of divorce or death. Once we understand all the costs associated with one’s estate (CGT, Estate Duties, Accrual Claims, Executors Fees etc), we will assist with implementing solutions to mitigate these costs and liabilities.

Tax Planning

Helping our clients mitigate their tax liabilities through various structures and investment vehicles. Our tax efficient solutions not only assist with one’s tax liability while alive, but also upon passing away when taking future generations into consideration.

Fiduciary Services:

Planning Your Legacy

As your wealth management partners, it’s our job to make sure your money is invested smartly. But, we also consider the next generation.

There’s No Crystal Ball

Our team of fiduciary specialists works practically, devising a strategy that includes your will and any trusts. We span jurisdictions – local and international – ensuring that all legal and tax requirements are taken care of. The aim is to craft a solution that’s sustainable and relevant for you and your family.

Understanding You.

But before we do the planning, we have conversations with you to fully understand you and your lifestyle. Marriage? Children? Unique circumstances? We also gather a detailed picture of your assets, and your intended purpose for your wealth. Naturally, these sensitive conversations are kept completely confidential.

How Do You Benefit?

With a thorough fiduciary plan comes peace of mind. Postponing these important administrative details can have profound consequences for your heirs. Let’s get things sorted, today.


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