Financial planning
Every individual is their own biggest asset, which is why their ability to earn, invest, and grow wealth over time must be assured. We offer our clients life, disability, and incapacity benefits as part of an integrated Cash Flow Model. We also assist our key corporate clients in structuring employee benefit solutions.

Retirement planning
Retirement planning doesn’t end at 65. Our Cash Flow Modelling helps clients envision their retirement and, in doing so, identify shortfalls in the overall plan.

Our Cash Flow Model factors in all income generating assets, such as investments, rental properties, business interests, collectables, and matches these assets to a liability, which is the income one needs generated during their retirement. We give our clients an indication as to what their income will be at retirement after taking tax and inflation into account while highlighting how long this income will last.

Estate planning
We help you understand the costs and liquidity around your estate in the event of divorce or death and assist with solutions to mitigate these costs and liabilities. Do you have offshore assets? Does your local Will address these assets?

Tax planning
We help our clients mitigate tax liabilities through various local and offshore structures and investment vehicles and ensure these compliment their overall wealth management needs.

Planning a legacy
Our team of fiduciary specialists devises strategies that includes your will and trusts, ensuring all legal and tax requirements are taken care of. We aim to tailor-make solutions that are sustainable and relevant to you and your family.

Cash Management
We offer our clients the most competitive rates on a fully guaranteed and 100% liquid corporate cash management account through our facility with Investec.

Forex Services
We have market leading forex rates and full transparency on all money transfers. We have tailored our services for all your money transfer needs.