Insuring Rarity And Protecting The Irreplaceable

OLEA South Africa offers you unmatched protection and coverage for your precious assets like your wine collection or diamond jewellery. 

We have partnered with Driesassur Africa, the leading broker for the Diamond and Jewellery trade and Fine ART insurance worldwide. Together, we offer you specialised collectable insurance solutions as well as high-risk insurance coverage. 

Key Areas Of Cover

  • Specie (gold & bullion insurance)
  • Jewellers’ block - for jewellers, auction houses, pawnshops, antique dealers, art galleries, diamond processing and jewellery manufacturers or handlers
  • Diamond processing
  • Fine ART 
  • Collectables (including stamps, coins and classic cars)
  • Wine 
  • Domestic and Business Insurance

Why Choose Us for Your Insurance Needs

  • A wealth of experience from serving global and local clients for three generations.
  • Customised solutions and services for businesses and individuals based on your unique risks.
  • Receive full risk evaluation and risk management.
  • Our presence in the international market and our insurance partners ensure we secure the best value in terms of cover and cost.
  • We offer clients a dollar policy which is placed into prominent international markets in the UK and Europe.
  • Our portfolio includes many of the most prestigious and successful companies in the trade worldwide.

Stay Ahead Of Potential Risks

With a profound understanding of the risks you encounter in your day-to-day operations, our team offers unparalleled expertise and access to a vast network of global resources. 

Contact the OLEA South Africa team today to discover how our unique understanding and comprehensive solutions can safeguard your business.