Overview of the OLEA & APIO Partnership

While Africa accounts for only 1.5% of the world insurance market, the continent is growing significantly.  Africa has recorded strong economic growth driven by the dynamism of the Continent; the emergence of young and connected middle classes, the multiplication of infrastructure projects, the development of new modes of production and the emergence of a multitude of SMEs.


To cope with the challenges of this rapidly changing continent, with increasingly competitive and regulated markets, OLEA was created in January 2017 with the aim of insuring the development of Africa.  After more than 30 years of cumulative experience in the insurance brokerage business in Africa, the founders of the business, Olivier Dubois and Olivier Canuel partnered to share their knowledge, expertise and vision of insurance and Africa. They created OLEA in partnership with Siaci Saint Honoré, now Diot Siaci, France’s largest independent broking and financial services business, with over 4 000 employees generating in excess of Billion Euro turnover.  OLEA meets the need for innovation and advice on behalf of clients who are increasingly sensitive to the proper management of their risks on the African continent.

OLEA has developed the best-in-class insurance knowhow across the continent and are committed to continuously develop the team.  The business is exceptionally proud of the 450 colleagues throughout Africa based in 24 territories.  The team is supported by the an international coordination team based in Paris.


OLEA is able to address the most difficult insurance needs by partnering with the best competence all over the world, having a proximity service with a network of fully-owned subsidiaries, offering a unique monitoring capacity by deploying an integrated IT system and proposing perfect knowledge of all the regulations of the markets where our clients operate.


OLEA acquired a majority stake in APIO 2021 to become part of an African Insurance Broking network.  This has positioned APIO to serve clients across the African continent yet remain a truly independent and South African business.