Bespoke portfolio management
Our Apio Wealth portfolio options ensure a wide and flexible range of investment options for a large and diverse investor base.

Investment approaches
Core Active
A diversified global asset allocation, using a blend of actively and passively managed funds. Active managers are only used when Apio Wealth has sufficient conviction in their ability to consistently outperform the benchmark.

Portfolios are implemented to target a higher income level than the Core Active approach and also distribute all income generated.

Enhanced indexing
Enhanced Indexing (Smart Beta) is a factor-based approach to investing, which generally costs less to implement than traditional actively managed portfolios, but still has the potential to outperform traditional passive investments.

Portfolios incorporate a much higher allocation to Absolute return funds in place of traditional fixed income.

Pure Absolute
A diversified blend of only Absolute Return funds to achieve a low correlation to the world equity markets. The result is a low volatility portfolio that targets a steady return, along with lower performance-draw-downs than standard long-only multi-asset portfolios.

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