Driving under the influence? Will your insurer pay?

As the holiday season gets closer, we look at the sobering question of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Driving under the influence is illegal therefore if found guilty you can serve up to 6 years in jail, incur fines of up to R120 000, have your license suspended and have a criminal record.

Apio talks about driving under the influence

The alcohol limits are as follows:

  • Blood levels for being able to drive are less than 0.05mg per 100ml of blood.
  • Breathe levels for being able to drive are less than 0.24mg in 1000ml of breath.

This means that if you have two drinks within one hour, you will be over the limit. The myth that coffee, a cold shower and exercise help, don’t make you sober. The only way to remain sober is not to drink.

Will your insurer pay?

Because driving under the influence is a criminal offence, any insurer is under no obligation to pay any claim. It is important to note that insurers don’t necessarily rely on the courts to prosecute the offending driver before declining claims and can merely rely on evidence which has been presented.

If your license is suspended, you will not be able to find cover with any insurer.

However, a lot depends on the circumstances and your insurer. You could incur penalties such as nonrenewal or cancellation of your policy failing which your policy rates will skyrocket.

Before going out consider this

Because alcoholic beverages have varying alcoholic content, the following list* should be considered before going out for drinks:

  • 1 75 ml glass of wine equals 1 unit
  • 1 250 ml glass of wine equals 3.3 units
  • 1 shot or shooter equals ½ unit in most instances
  • 1 spirit cooler equals roughly 1.25 units
  • 1 beer equals 1.5 units, potentially even more
  • 1 cider equals 2 units
  • 1 25 ml serving of spirits equals 1 unit
  • 1 cocktail equates to around 2 and 4 units

*Source: Womenonwheels.co.za https://www.womenonwheels.co.za/safety/dui-danger-the-impact-of-driving-under-the-influence/