Credit Insurance is simply the insurance of your debtors.

This provides insurance coverage over your domestic or international debtors.  In partnership with our insurers, we investigate each of your debtors and issue cover against them.  Credit insurance is an important business tool as your company can benefit in the following ways:

  • Banks are likely to offer you more extensive credit facilities at favourable terms if your debtors book is credit insured
  • Credit insurance gives you the confidence to explore higher risk business opportunities you would normally avoid for fear of non-payment
  • Credit Insurance protects your cash flow by replacing cash promptly, should any customer default on payment terms or go insolvent

More recently, single debtor policies are available as well as Insurance of a company’s entire book debts.

With a dedicated Credit Insurance team, Apio Risk Solutions is perfectly placed to offer you the best and most comprehensive advice on all aspects of Credit Insurance.  Please contact Francis Kingston at for any enquiries.