With the increasing number of small to medium size businesses being registered in South Africa, the requirement for appropriate business assurance products and advice is gaining more and more prevalence. Although there are a wide variety of solutions available to accommodate almost all business assurance requirements, the field can be extremely complex and it is critical to ensure that such solutions are structured correctly to avoid adverse income tax and / or estate duty treatment.

Ensuring that you have an appropriately structured business assurance plan insures the sustainability of your business against unexpected or unlikely events that could befall business owners and / or key employees.

Contrary to popular belief, many assurance products provide extremely good returns in the medium to long term, the only drawback being that the very nature of these products implies diminishing returns over time.

At Apio Wealth, we have access to all major South African life assurers and are thus in a position to ensure that you are provided with a comprehensive range of alternatives enabling you to select the most appropriate risk solutions to suit your specific needs, combining this with the most comprehensive agreements in order to complete the bespoke solutions we put in place.

Key Services

  • Buy and Sell Agreements
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Contingent Liabilities