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OLEA Group expands and acquires two new subsidiaries – Mali and Uganda

On 6 October this year, OLEA opened a subsidiary in Mali and another in Uganda on 7 November. This increases our presence in both West and East Africa substantially. These new acquisitions demonstrate our commitment to the growth and development of the insurance industry on the African continent. Founded in 2017, OLEA is a Pan-African insurance broker operating in 25 …

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Our New Partnership With My Brand Group

Olea South Africa, previously Apio Group is pleased to let you know that we have partnered with My Brand Group. They assist your Insurer to find a suitable or similar replacement vehicle for you without having to refinance the vehicle or initiate the procurement process for a new vehicle. Nobody climbs behind the wheel of their new car and thinks, “Here’s to many accident-…

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Tax Season Is Here!

As an individual or business owner, you have submitted your tax return correctly and timeously. All you can do now is wait for the refund that you have anticipated. A SARS audit should be the least of your worries. Any taxpayer can be selected by SARS and you should know what to expect if you or your business is referred for an audit. The audit can take anything from 30 …

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Apio And Olea Announcement

OLEA Insurance Solutions, a pan-African specialist in insurance markets, is accelerating its expansion on the African continent by setting up in South Africa. Recently the company announced its acquisition of a majority stake in the APIO Group, a boutique financial services business based in Johannesburg South Africa, founded ten years ago by two industry professionals, …

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