Our New Partnership With My Brand Group

Olea South Africa, previously Apio Group is pleased to let you know that we have partnered with My Brand Group. They assist your Insurer to find a suitable or similar replacement vehicle for you without having to refinance the vehicle or initiate the procurement process for a new vehicle.

Nobody climbs behind the wheel of their new car and thinks, “Here’s to many accident-free years of driving”, which is why you take out car insurance.

But what happens if your brand-new car is stolen or written off?

The hassle of finding a replacement vehicle, obtaining settlement amounts from your finance house (and dealing with any credit shortfalls), as well as trying to stop your tracking device subscription can make the replacement process more time-consuming and frustrating.

Some insurance companies will allow you to substitute a new car (one that’s the same year, make and model as the one you had) on your Finance Agreement, which does provide some relief; but did you know that it is normally only available to cars that are less than 12 months old and that have low mileage noted?

So how does this partnership benefit you?

  • We can now provide replacement vehicles for cars that are up to three years old.
  • The service/maintenance plan that was in place for your old car remains intact.
  • Your instalment with the Bank remains the same, as well as the contract period.
  • You will receive a vehicle with the same, or less mileage as your previous vehicle.
  • Replacement takes an average of seven working days.

We believe that this partnership will help reduce the time spent looking for new vehicles and the hassle of going through the finance process again. You can also add additional products such as an Extended Warranty, Rim and Dent Protection Cover.

To top it off, your new car will be delivered to you anywhere in South Africa

If you would like to find out more, please contact your Key Account Manager