When your photography is longer a hobby but a business

With the introduction of high definition, digital cameras and lenses as well as the ability to filter just about anything on our smartphones, everyone can be a good photographer!

camera equipment insurance

But when your passion for photography leads to an additional income stream, or if you choose to become a professional photographer, it’s vital that you consider just how you will insure your photographic equipment.

A standard personal insurance policy allows you to cover your camera and all other photographic equipment for loss or damage anywhere in the world under the Portable Possessions section. The item should be insured for its current replacement value and it’s a good idea to keep invoices for proof of ownership/ purchase as these will be requested if there is a claim.

It’s very important to note that a personal policy will not provide cover if you are a professional photographer. This risk is a bit more complicated and a proper business policy should be considered.

As a professional photographer, every day you are without your valuable equipment will result in a loss of personal income, so having the correct cover in place is vital to ensure your business can survive

If you turn professional, you should always have Liability insurance before you step foot on set.

A good example is a wedding shoot; what happened if a guest trips over your extension cord or you accidentally overturn the wedding cake?

What happens if the flash drive on which all the photos have been stored, is stolen or corrupted and the photos of an important event are lost forever?

You may be held legally liable as a professional photographer with the costs of defending any actions brought against you, running into tens of thousands of rands if you are not insured correctly.

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