In the event of your passing, make it easy for your family

Thinking of no longer being around is not something we think of regularly, however, it is important to make sure that your paperwork is in order and easy to follow in the event of your passing.

Apio shares information on what to do to prepare for your passing

Once you have put this information together, you will need to ensure that it is kept securely. We recommend one copy in the cloud and a hard copy. You will need to choose an organised and trusted person to assist in the event of your passing, by providing them with the road map to the information such as the location of the hard copy and the login details for the cloud.

If you currently do not have a will, click here for 4 reasons you need a will and Top 5 reasons a professional should draft your will.

Here is a list of things to think about and add to your instructions for your next of kin.

Who needs to be told in the event of your passing?

Include a list of contact details of everyone who needs to be told that you have passed on. Your next of kin or executor will not know everyone you know. This can also include your hairdresser/barber, doctor, dentist and a club or anything that you attend regularly.

List of documents to include in the event of your passing:

  • Copy of your will and living will. If you do not have a will in place, you can contact the Apio Wealth team to assist you with your will. Email;
  • List of your desired funeral arrangements;
  • Details of your current employer and their contact details;
  • ID document and driver’s licence;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • ANC contract;
  • Divorce agreement and any maintenance agreement in the case of divorce;
  • If you are widowed you will need to include your spouse’s death certificate and the executor of their will;
  • If you are renting, include a copy of your lease agreement;
  • A copy of your municipal bills;
  • If you own a firearm, include the details and documentation;
  • The most up to date tax assessment for you and your spouse – you will need to update this every year;
  • If you own a business, include all the documentation pertaining to the business. It makes sense to prepare a separate file for this documentation and banking and insurance details.

Family documents:

  • If you are the person who keeps the family information, you will need to include as much information as possible in the event of your passing. This may include:
    • Medical information and history about yourself and family members;
    • Birth certificates of each member of the family;
    • School information including reports;
    • Contact details of any clubs that the family may belong to.

Instructions in the event of your passing:

  • Detail instructions for the care of minor children;
  • Detail instructions for the care of pets. When it comes to the dogs in your life, Dogtown SA has a Dog Devotion programme that provides a safe haven for them while they do their best to rehome your pet. Click for details:
  • Provide details of where any heirloom items would be found and who they will go to;
  • If you do not have family geographically close or are concerned about clearing your estate, we recommend you detail Clear Path Senior Services to provide comprehensive and respectful estate dispersal services. Click here for more information and contact details:

Bank and insurance:

  • Make a contact list of your private banker if you have or the branch you deal with regularly, your short term insurance consultant and investment adviser;
  • Make a list of all your accounts that will need to be notified and closed. This should include cheque, credit card, investment accounts, vehicle finance, your bond account and any retail accounts that you may have;
  • Include copies of your insurance policies, investment portfolio and your funeral policy. These should include your house and car insurance, medical aid and gap cover policies.
  • Include a list of debit orders that go off each month and include how much they are for. This will also assist in ensuring all accounts are accounted for and closed.

Things you own:

  • If you own a car, include the registration papers in the pack of information;
  • If you own a home or any other premises, you will need to include the deed to your home as well;

Digital life:

  • Make a list of your cell phone, table and computer passwords;
  • If you have a work computer, provide instructions on how to return it;
  • List any important information on your devices that you believe will need to be saved or used on your passing;
  • List the username and passwords for your social media accounts and detail how you would like them closed. You can now choose a legacy contact on Facebook, you can see the details here:
  • List all other digital platforms with their usernames and passwords that will need to be closed. For example Takealot, Checkers Sixty/60, Zando and Woolworths as well as those where a monthly subscription is paid such as Spotify.