The Right Broker

Opinion by Herman Kellerman, Apio Group

I regularly come across clients who ask their “friends” of the family and acquaintances to quote them on their insurance policies. I always wonder if the client has ever really considered the impact if they chose the wrong broker?

So, the current options in the market are using a broker or going directly to the insurer. We have already done an article on the pros and cons of this (Direct client vs being an Apio Client).

Herman Kellerman Apio insurance

Let us look at what I believe a great broker be:

  • A good broker must listen and understand your business or personal requirements to recommend the correct product that would suit your needs. I have seen too many “give me your policy I will match the cover” situations;
  • For a broker to provide advice on the correct product, they will need to know what is available that would be correct for you or your business. Asking a life insurance broker to quote on your commercial insurance could leave you very exposed;
  • Service is probably the area where I see a lot of promises and no delivery. For example: 
    • You will need someone to be in your corner in the event of a claim;
    • You need a quick response when you want to collect your car from a dealer because the new car should be added to your policy before you drive away;
    • You need someone that knows your business and can advise and guide you immediately without hesitation;
  • Experience. Insurance is an area that you learn from every day. I have been in the Insurance industry for 30 years and still learn new things weekly. To use an inexperienced person with no backup knowledge behind him may cause trust issues when this goes wrong;
  • Trust is the chief area for me. I must trust that the broker has my best interest at heart, will give me the best solution without lining his pockets or flogging me a policy, making sure I have the best insurance at the right price for me and have my back when there are difficulty claims. 

You will take out insurance your whole life to protect your assets and any liability against you. Having someone that you can rely on and trust to ensure you are not exposed is therefore essential. 

We have many clients that have been with us for many years. We treat them as our friends and some even as close as family. Chose wisely as this is a long-term relationship.