Does my insurance cover damage caused by pest infestation?

The joys of a rainy and beautiful summer often come with the irritation of finding an infestation of pests (like termites or ants) inside your home, which can sometimes be more than just an inconvenience to remove but can become costly if they cause damage to your property.

Apio talks about whether pests damage is insured

Many of our clients have raised questions about insurance regarding this problem. The question has highlighted the different opinions insurers have about whether the damage can be claimed for or not.

The general view towards pest infestation or the damage caused is that the losses are rather preventable and expected. It is more of an issue of maintenance than an ‘accident’. Therefore, most commercial policies do not cover losses that arise from pest infestation or the cost of removing pests. However, some personal insurance policies cover certain incidents relating to damage caused by pests. For instance, they may provide a limited amount to repair the damage and in certain cases provide cover for the costs to remove or control the pests.

Although some policies have limited cover on certain pest damage incidents, insurers demand that you as the property owner, take due care and caution to avoid such incidents.

Below are some tips to avoid pest infestations:

  • Keep an eye on dampness in your home;

  • Reduce Clutter in and around the house;

  • Prevent and repair leaks and cracks;

  • Have a professional pest specialist check your home if you are worried about a more serious problem;

  • Keep an eye out for mounds of sand around your buildings and property.

As cover is limited and selective, acting proactively to prevent pest infestations is critical for the mitigation of these risks.

Contact your Apio broker for more information on pest damage cover.