Direct client versus being an Apio client

By Somthemba Makinana, Specialist Guarantees & Credit

The best position that anyone wants to be in is a convenient one. We live in a digital and very technologically advanced world because of the strife of reaching maximum convenience for people. No one wants to lift a finger any more unless it’s at their convenience or quality service that exceeds their expectations, which is basically convenience summed up in a sentence.

Access to private bankers used to be the best way of “incentivising” premium clients that would be bringing more value to the bank, than your usual day-to-day bankers until technology changed all of that. The same way being a direct client to an insurance house used to be simple until the world merged from that and brokers became such an essential necessity.

Apio has managed to maximize the convenience of having a broker and being a client to the brokerage itself. We have thrived in the market for 10 years and have managed to service a wide range of clients from your smallest policies to massive commercial policies that range from hundreds of thousands to billions of insurance cover. This all comes from the convenient quality service that has allowed ease of trust from clients to us as their brokers.

Putting service aside, Apio provides benefits to clients where we have driving services that you can book and will escort you home as part of your policy, driving services that will take you to the airport so that you avoid the cost of parking there and having to pay for that. You also have an efficient Apio App at your disposal that allows quick 24-hour emergency services anytime you find yourself in trouble or can contact your broker immediately, regardless of what time of day it is.

We have a designated claims team that processes all claims in-house, allowing you the convenience of having your claim processed much quicker and having direct contact with the person helping you with that process. Clients can reach us at any given time of the day, and they will always have someone who is willing to go above and beyond and ensure that you are not alone, should you find yourself in any situation.

The downfall of going directly with insurance companies means that you will have to deal with someone different every time you call their contact centre. You will be just another number in their queue and not actually receive quality treatment as a client. You won’t be clear on the products sold to you or be made aware of the important clauses in your policy that are of great importance. It’s much better to have a broker and what better way is there than to have an Apio broker.