7 reasons to work with a #TeamApio broker

Before working with an insurance broker, many clients want to know why they should and what the benefits are. #TeamApio lists these points to help you make a decision.

  1. A broker provides you with proper and relevant advice, this makes the claims process simple and the cover you have selected, easier to understand.
  2. A broker will do all the work of finding the best cover at a cost-effective price for you. Which means that they are working for you while you are working on your business.
  3. In addition, because you have given your broker your detailed requirements, they are able to provide you with tailormade risk management and insurance solutions unique to your own personal or business profile. Staying connected with your broker allows them to provide you with ongoing advice as you move through different phases in your life or business.
  4. Because of the broker’s experience in the industry and with clients in a similar environment to you, they will be able to consider other risks you may not have considered ensuring that you are insured for all eventualities.
  5. Brokers may have access to a wider range of products than those available to you directly.
  6. Your broker works for you and will be there in the event that you have to claim. They will represent your interests with the insurer.
  7. Finally, the cover and premiums obtained by your broker may be more competitive than what you could obtain by going direct.