Unpacking Cyber Threat

You’ve heard a lot about the increasing cyber threat and have considered insurance, but what exactly does it all mean. #TeamApio unpacks some of the terminologies here and measures to take to protect yourself.

Identity theft
Criminals can steal your identity by obtaining information about you so that they can convince a bank or customer service call centre that they are you.

This is when you are tricked into clicking on a malicious URL or email attachment so that they can steal your login details and potentially gain access to your financial accounts.

A hacker gains access to your computer and encrypts your files. The only way to get the files back is to pay the hijacker, usually in a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Here are a few ways you can help protect yourself

  • Keep up to date about cybercrime in articles like these – the more you know, the less likely you are to fall victim to an attempt.
  • Use strong passwords with letters, symbols and numbers, do not write down your password and do not log in with your social media accounts.
  • When it comes to online shopping, only use reputable sites and preferably those that begin with HTTPS as this means that the site is secure.
  • Be wary of using hotspots and do not access your mobile banking on a WIFI hotspot.
  • Do not reply to emails that claim that you have won money or received an inheritance.
  • Do not share too much personal information on social media and regularly reconcile your bank statements.