Driving with expired driver or vehicle licence

First published by Momentum

Driver’s licence

We do not reject claims where a driver’s licence has lapsed but can be renewed without a mandatory driving test.
A South African driver’s licence card is the only valid proof that you have a driver’s licence.

An expired licence card does not mean that the licence has expired but that the valid proof of such a licence is out of date.

It is important to have a valid driver’s licence card, which is also evidence that the driver is still fit to drive a motor vehicle (with or without endorsements).

Vehicle licence

We do not reject claims where a vehicle’s licence disc has expired.

In the event of a claim where the vehicle’s licence has expired, we will grant the client the opportunity to renew the vehicle licence and submit accordingly.

If the client fails to renew the licence on time, penalties will be charged.

We will not be liable to pay claims where a vehicle is being driven in an unroadworthy condition.