Steps to take when your cell phone is stolen

As we all know, crime in South Africa has been increasing at a rapid rate and this is why it’s critical for one to have all their belongings insured. You might think that certain things are more important than others until its gone and you have to repurchase it; having everything insured and make it easier to replace.

One of the most popular crimes that have been increasing, is the theft of cellphones. Gone are the times where your cellphone is stolen from you at night when you least expect it or when you are out for a jog and you are unexpectedly mugged, people are coming up with many innovative ways to steal cellphones, and this occurs when you least expect it.

You could be sitting in a restaurant eating and someone randomly walks past as though they are looking for a table and snatches your phone and runs away, you could be walking a short distance and you’re on an important call and someone snatches your phone, gets into a car and drives off. It’s very important to always stay vigilant and constantly aware of your surroundings. This is happening!

The thing we need to emphasise is the importance of keeping your phone backed up so that you do not lose your information.

Here are the steps to follow should you fall victim to cellphone theft:

Step 1: Buy a temporary cheap phone and a SIM card. If you do not have funds at the time, ask a colleague or whoever you are with to please use their phone.

Step 2: Call your bank and block access to your apps and cellphone banking.

Step 3: Call your service provider to block your phone and get an ITC number.

Step 4: Go to the police station to open a case so that you can be able to claim from your insurance.

Step 5: Contact your insurance and request a claim form so that you can submit your claim.

Step 6: Submit your claim.

Step 7: Call your service provider again and double-check if the phone is blocked and is not functional.

Step 8: Using your temporary cell phone or any phone and change your number at the bank for your cellphone banking, just in case.