Working from home during COVID-19 lockdown

Like the rest of South Africa the Apio team has been working from home and after initial challenges the team has settled into the new normal. The general consensus of COVID-19 is that whilst they don’t believe the reported numbers are accurate, South Africa went into lockdown early. Nevertheless it is a scary time.

Week one

The first week of lockdown had the team juggling with the family to overcome the novelty of being at home and ostensibly available 24/7. There were challenges getting used to new technology like video conferencing and one or two felt a bit lonely not being in the hustle and bustle of the office.

After experiencing a few technology issues connecting to the office and adjusting to different WiFi speeds things have settled down and it’s business ‘unusual’ – the new normal.


Some of the team have more than one person working from home and often times the dining room table isn’t big enough. But the team has overcome the challenges with perseverance (and some muttering under the breath).

The biggest challenge is feeling the financial impact that the lockdown is having on clients which is very upsetting. The team is committed to helping clients wherever they can to ensure that they are able to get through the lockdown in the best possible way.

Opinions on working from home

There are mixed feelings about working from home; from one who is enjoying nothing about it, those who are missing the vibe and company of the office. Those who are enjoying it say the best thing about working from home has definitely been not having to take on the traffic everyday for the office commute. The other is being able to get up later and not having to dress up fully for the office. #expertontop #funonthebottom.

A few of the team are exercising and others want to know if housework counts, but everyone seems disciplined with no extra trips to the fridge than necessary. Most are coping with lockdown but definitely miss the human in person interaction.

Post COVID-19

As far as the long term is concerned, the team is positive about working from home, however most of the team believe that the office is the best place for interaction and sharing of ideas and solving issues immediately. Creating a flexible working environment will be key going into the post COVID-19 office.