Travel insurance tips

By the Apio Sales Team

It is much more exciting to plan your holiday than it is to plan the travel insurance that must go with it. You should, however, consider what would happen if you need to cancel your trip, or if you get sick or injured on your travels. Think about lost or stolen luggage, or a catastrophic weather event, even worse, a terrorist attack.

Travel insurance covers those unexpected events and their financial impact.

Choosing travel in surance

Things to consider before you choose your travel insurance:

  1. Consider who you are travelling with, where you are going, how long you are going for and are you carrying any valuable items with you, such as camera equipment.
  2. Check with your medical insurance what is included for international travel, as often the underlying medical aid cover is limited, or inadequate. If you have automatic cover because you purchased your ticket with your credit card, check the limits provided and if it covers all your travellers.
  3. Check what your personal policy will cover you for your baggage and portable items like cell phones and cameras.
  4. If you are planning a holiday that includes extreme sporting activities like skydiving or open water swimming be sure to tell your broker this as certain activities are specifically excluded from the policy cover. Your broker can assist you in finding the best cover for your requirements

International travel insurance cover

Other options to check for on your travel insurance quote is:

  1. Are your pre-existing medical conditions covered?
  2. Do the medical expenses covered on the policy extend to when you are back home and have suffered an injury that needs ongoing attention?
  3. If you are injured overseas, can the policy accommodate a family member flying out to assist you?
  4. Are all the countries that you are visiting, covered on the policy?
  5. If your trip is cancelled, will the policy respond?