The difference between household contents and building insurance

By the Apio Sales Team

Household insurance covers the contents of your home. Often we say that if you had to turn your house upside down, everything that falls out will be covered under this section.

Difference in insurance cover contents

Cover under this section can also include:

    • Fine arts and antiques
    • Goods that are kept out it on the open, such patio furniture, kiddy jungle gyms and Weber braais
    • Washing on the line

Deterioration of foodstuffs

  • Your domestic workers’ belongings

Building insurance covers the physical structure, and this includes geysers, boundary walls, pools, paving and outbuildings.

Cover under this section can also include:

  • Your stove
  • Any fixtures and fittings you have purchased, like DStv satellite dishes, koi pond, gate and pool motors
  • Damage to your garden plants by impact or by thieves
  • Loss of rent payable, or received by your tenants, following an insured event

Things to consider

  • If you live in a complex, you will more than likely have your physical structure covered under the Body Corporate insurance policy, so there would be no need to insure it separately.
  • Your security protections need to comply with your insurance policy’s requirements.
  • When looking at alternative insurance cover, consider limits for power surge, accidental damage and Personal Liability.
  • If you have any non-standard construction, like thatch or wood, its vital that you tell your broker this
  • Always make sure that your sum insured on both sections is sufficient enough to rebuild what you have, and replace everything you own