5 Ways to Get Your Claim Paid

By Caron Whitfield, Apio Group

Insurance is a grudge purchase, but with the right broker, it can be the best investment you could ever make to minimise the disruption that a loss can cause.

Understanding the cover options available and making sure that you select the product that fits your unique risk requirements, means that when you come to claim, you should have a hassle-free experience.

Things to consider to get your claim paid

Apio's Caron Whitfield summarises what you need to do to get your claims paid. For more click the link to the full story on the website: https://www.apio.co.za/5-ways-to-get-your-claim-paid/

Geplaatst door Apio Group – Connected Insurance op Vrijdag 31 mei 2019

Here are 5 essential things that should be discussed before taking out cover:

  1. Make sure you disclose to your broker all material information with regards to your current and previous insurance history. This includes all claims, as well as those paid out of your own pocket.
  2. The person who drives the car the most must be the person noted on the policy as the primary driver.
  3. When it comes to items that are taken out of the house, make sure you have the out of home cover that protects them.
  4. Make sure that you know what the minimum requirements are for securing your home and implement them. For e.g. the minimum requirement is burglar bars on opening windows, and security gates on external doors; alternatively a linked alarm.
  5. When it comes to claiming you need to prove your loss. Keep all slips, and certificates for items you have purchased.